Lucky Hank Q&A — Mireille Enos On Lily’s Increasing Desire To Buck The Status Quo

From the executive producers of Better Call Saul and The Office comes Lucky Hank, starring Bob Odenkirk and Mireille Enos. Meet Professor Hank Devereaux (Odenkirk), the English department chairman at an underfunded college in a ho-hum town where mediocrity prevails. Life’s been throwing him some curveballs lately with his wife Lily’s (Enos) new career goals, constant chaos at work, and the return of his estranged father. With that, Hank spirals into a midlife meltdown taking everyone with him. In this interview with we speak with Mireille Enos about Lily’s relationship with Hank, her uncanny ability to resolve conflict, and why the Devereaux’s “lovely life” just isn’t enough for her anymore.